Possible Work for Phineas Gage

One of Japan’s many knick-knack stores has taken a shine to a character I doodled many years ago.  They’ve asked that I prepare enough material to exhibit in their HP Deco store in Tokyo, from there it will “tour” the country.  In addition to the films/paintings/rubber stamp whatzits that I’ve made to fill a small booth, they want me to submit a design for a coffee mug.  Since I’m a fan of the drink, I have no problem doing so.  My first reaction was to draw the character smashing coffee mugs into a pile of rubble.

Here’s Phineas Gage, the delightful malcontent.  If you don’t know that name already, look it up.


  1. StickFigurehead · June 6, 2011

    I remember this comic from the way-back machine. Will you include the 8mm film version in this touring roadshow?

    • RNishimura · June 7, 2011

      I did. I also threw together another installment of his adventures in the circus. I chroma keyed the shit out of it since I had very little story. I guess I should post it…

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