1. Adam Zanzie · February 25, 2013

    Ha. Found this fake poster after Googling James William Guercio’s name.

    A neat poster, although I’m sure Robert Blake would fiercely object to the poster saying “James William Guercio’s ‘Electra Glide in Blue'”. According to Blake in his new book Tales of A Rascal, Blake and Conrad Hall did all of the directing on the set, and Guercio just stood around.

  2. pete · April 16, 2014

    Blake does come off very badly at times. He’s admits he’s his own worst enemy. If he could exhibit some self-composure over his own tongue, perpetually full of curse words and incredibly dated, Ancient school thinking, maybe someone woild consider working with him again. There are simply better, younger, and more pleasant actors to work with. It ain’t 1973 anymore. If he wants a shot at a new generation of fans, he needs to come around to these facts, and fast. Time is not on his side. He doesnt have decades of self-indulgent, tough guy swaggering ahead of him anymore. You want to like the guy, but he makes it next to impossible to do so. That macho stuff seems cartoonish and on an old dude, it’s totally unflatter─źng. Age should produce compassion and empathy for not only your own short comngs, but for those of others. In Blake’s mind, only HE has suffered, only HE has experienced betrayal, and only HE gets it. He is determined to out-do your abuse with his own. He shows zero compassion or deference for the experiences of others. Watch his interview with Tom Snyder: he literally has a pissing contest about which of them has endured more pain in Life. Then he talks abut God! I mean, damn Blake, we get it already. You want kindness,understanding, respect, gratitude, humility, and compassion from everyone but are too superficial to give it to others? Does Blake mention that Guercio put the money up for the horrible ‘second hand hearts’? Guercio bet on Blake: Twice. So Blake’s dissing him now? It doesn’t reflect well n Blake. He ran down Lost Highway which is absurd. Blake’s creation of that character was brilliant, so why knock it? EGIB shoukd never have included the cheesy chase scene. The rest fares well n its own. IMO, Jeanine was poorly directed in an otherwise great scene. It should have been more sublime rather than attempt an Elizabeth Taylor Virginia Woolfesque character. Haven’t read Blake’s book but reviews, while generally warm, indicate his obsession with foul language, posturing, and Me-Against-The-World teen angstiness is so profuse it’s like wading through tar to get to his points. With the right dirwctor??? he’s got potential still to deliver a final and astounding performance but god, really, who wants the trouble of contending with all this? If he wants to sell himself again, he needs a new PR/agent and one he will shut his yap and listen to, for once. Blake can dis Guercio all he wants, but the fact Guercio doesnt dis back says something, doesnt it?

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