Year One

It’s been exactly one year since I started this silly blog.  In that time I’ve said very little, just farting out covers to amuse myself.  I don’t know if I should be proud of that mess o’ covers up there, or take it as a sign that I should stay away from the computer for a while.  There are a few that I really like, the rest are garbage.  Early in the year someone had told me that all my blog does is provide covers for pirates.  I realize that is very likely, but honestly I would be thrilled to see my covers up on a shelf of a Chinese HMV.  Maintaining this blog as a portfolio has brought in a few jobs this year, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people because of it.  I thought about listing stats, linking to all the stuff I did for PressPlay and CriterionCast, making some grand show of it all, but instead it started me thinking about my original intent for this blog.   I still don’t know what that may be, but I think I’m going to lay off the fanboy tomfoolery for a bit and focus on the gallery and real life.  I can’t even afford to buy real Criterion DVDs at the moment.  I will continue to contribute to CCast and PressPlay, as long as they’ll have me.  If it weren’t for PressPlay I would never be able to spend my abstract internet money on Criterion.  I’m just waitin’ for the next B&N sale!

I suppose I thought that by doing this Criterion would take notice, and they did to a certain extent, but they never directly contacted me and I never directly asked them for a job.  Then again, I’m not a designer.  I know nothing about design beyond what comes naturally.   I’m sure I will still make covers once in a while but from now I plan to refocus the site, start making my prints and pottery available here and elsewhere on the net.  For some reason I have never promoted my “real” stuff on this blog, or anything substantial about myself.  So what I plan to do is make the gratuitous Store page so everyone can see what I do…. semi-professionally.  The “semi” means that I am still poor, so naturally you should buy my stuff, whatever the cost.  I also plan to post more pics of my daughter, Maria, but this will only be a tactic to bring in more customers.

I’m training her to beg for change in the street.

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