A Word on Masaru Hashimoto

A word on Masaru Hashimoto, whose work is sadly unknown in the West.  A film critic, political commentator and illustrator who encouraged the independent film movement, contributing essays and illustrations to the Art Theater Guild of Japan.  The ATG ran several theaters around the Tokyo area, and whenever possible, they sold pamphlets for each film.  These pamphlets had interviews with the director, essays by other directors, criticism, pictures, illustrations, AND the entire script of the film.  Hashimoto’s illustrations always preceding the script, beautiful, intricate, simple and profound.

The Ceremony




The Crazy Family


The Family Game






The Assassination of Ryoma




Ecstasy of the Angels


Lost Lovers


Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets


Evil Spirits of Japan

One comment

  1. klempop · December 13, 2012

    Incredible illustrations, I’d love to have some of them up on my wall.

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