Go! Go! Second-Time Gaijin

Go! Go! Second-Time Gaijin is a mockumentary that focuses on Kazuo Ishida, a Caucasian ex-pat who lives in Japan and, after receiving a concussion, wakes up believing that he is a member of a ultra-nationalist right wing group (uyoku dantai). Making the film is an amateur film director, who believes that following Ishida will somehow propel his own filmmaking career towards success. Go! Go! Second-Time Gaijin is a story of delusion, ignorance and the rising conservative trends that exist in Japan today.

GGSTG Postcard

Robert Nishimura
Shintaro Naka
Yuji Yoshihara
Yasue Arimitsu

Director of Photography
Paul Leeming

Executive Producer
Natsuko Nishimura

Kazuhiko Konoike

Writer & Producer
Stirling Perry

Original Score
Yuki Otsubo
Shogo Fukuda

Writer & Director
Robert Nishimura

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GGSTG - Promo Still 7



Go! Go! Second Time Gaijin (Trailer) from Primolandia Productions on Vimeo.